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Cristo degli Abissi

I was recently reading about an incredible submerged statue at the mouth of the bay near San Fruttuoso, Genoa, Italy. Something about the idea of this Christ of the Abysses really fascinates and inspires me.

From a website about it:
"Every year at the end of August, anniversary of the laying of the statue in the sea, a suggestive ceremony takes place in the bay, in remembrance of the dead in the sea and those who devote their lives to the sea. The blessing of water, the procession at the light of torches, the immersion of scuba divers who reach the Christ and put a laurel wreath, the Mass celebrated on the foreshore: these are the most suggestive moments of the night when the Christ of Abysses is honoured."

This is going on my list of holy places to visit with Angkor Wat.
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