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An Acceptable Time

More updates: Yes, we will soon have internet service back on at home. We're waiting for AOL to make up their minds about what they agreed to when they changed our rate to $9.95. We should know by Friday and if they don't honor their word, we'll go to another service. No big.

I finally had a lucid dream (a few nights ago) where I remembered something I wanted to try. I was running around in an unfamiliar woodsy neighborhood with Cate the beagle and became lucid as I looked at my feet and thought about how they didn't look like my *real* feet. I remembered I wanted to try doing a ritual in a dream and began looking for a clearing. Got distracted. I didn't manage to do one, but at least I got to the point where I remembered that I wanted to.

What else?

Well, I've got a lot of ideas for Cantrap.net and some for Prolefeed.com too. I'm tired of being stagnant. I want to get a body of work together. I'd like to submit to Elfwood.com. We'll see.
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