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Good Sang Country

I don't think I can put how much I love sammhain into normal, rational words. Every little while he comes up with something new that completely surprises and amazes me. Its like there is always so much more of him discover and only once in awhile do I get to glimpse a bit more. His recent post is what inspired my latest episode of awe.

My evocation of The Muse is evolving and I now have a voluntary subject for cursing. I'm trying to decide what to do to him that will please me. I've been working with expanding my breath and will soon begin working on pranayama, followed by the Sun Salutation every more to increase my general health. M.E. has me seriously working on self-healing magic topics for Cantrap. Healing is a great talent of mine, but one that has remained dormant as I've not had a real reason to explore healing other people.

I found a wonderful herbal at Borders the other day which I can completely relate to as it mentions the uses of most of the Appalachian herbs I wildcrafted in West Virginia. Its called Blackberry Cove Herbal by Linda Ours Rago. I don't recommend it for beginners since it doesn't have pictures and descriptions of the plants and most of the recipes involve using the fresh plants. I've been thinking of West Virginia a lot lately and missing it greatly. There are so many wonderful plants in her woods: bloodroot, goldenseal, trilliums of all colors, wild ginger, jack-in-the-pulpit, American ginseng. I am familiar with them all and could put them to such good use. I feel so fortunate to have been trained in mountain mama magic.
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