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Teacups Full of Rain

Cate and I walk slowly through the damp grass beside the pond, winding our way between mist and pink and white petaled flowering trees. A brown mother duck swims with about fourteen fuzzy baby ducks, and quacks loudly when we get too close to the water's edge.

This evening I had a conversation all in writing and gestures with a deaf man who needed a place to say for a week because he had left his wife. He didn't read lips, so we wrote back and forth silently. When he decided he could not afford it, he wrote, "I might be able to borrow some money later, but anyway, forget it" and I wrote "Are you sure? I could hold it for you until later." He said he might be back and I said "Okay. Thank you!" He wrote "Welcome - you're very nice. Have a good day." And we smiled at each other. I like being able to communicate nonverbally.
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