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Read at your own risk...

I assume no responsibility for feelings associated with reading this post.

Run through me
like a blade
Deep inside me
Make me shiver
Flesh splinters
Pink and wine
Morning and moaning
And thrashing divine

Spread my legs so wide
Swallowing everything inside
Skin and sinew
Flesh and mouth and eyes

Feel my rise
Around you, all over you
Wet and impatient and looming
Knitting my flesh around you
Legs and arms entwined

So ripe and bright and juicy
Take a bite
Push against me
Swallow my light
Swallow me down forever
Into rains of contorted ring fingers,
bosoms, big toes, bottom lips and chins

Splinters of flesh
Pink and things
And rain forever
Purple and tight and coiled and mist
And nipples given to mouths to feed
Mothers to bleed and eat

Succulent juicy shiny grubs of white
Impatient genocide
Colliding when it feels right
And never ending, muttering
And choked up tears, fluttering
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